What’s it like to work at Likeable? The name says it all.

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From Entrepreneur to Crain’s, we’ve been recognized as one of NYC’s best places to work for five years running.

Our Core Values

  • Driven

    “Good enough” isn’t in our vocabulary. Our employees are driven to succeed both personally and professionally, consistently pushing the limits of clients’ expectations.

  • Passionate

    Put simply, we love what we do. Passion is the force that drives us to learn, to grow, and to create. It gives us the energy and enthusiasm that we need to produce our best work, and we believe it’s key to our success as an agency.

  • Accountable

    We honor our commitments and take responsibility for our work—no excuses. We plan, communicate, and collaborate, making sure that our projects are not only completed, but they are done well. If something’s wrong, we make it right. And if something’s right, we make it better.

  • Likeable

    Our mission is to create a more Likeable world―and that begins with us. We are honest and transparent in all that we do, always striving to live up to our name.

The Perks

  • Unlimited Vacation Time

    Sometimes you need to recharge, and we get it. You’re welcome to take time off when you need to—whether it’s because you’re sick at home or vacationing on a tropical island.

  • 401(k) Plan

    It’s never too early to invest in your future. Our 401(k) program allows you to contribute as much as you’d like to your retirement—and our match program means we’re investing in you too.

  • Health Care

    Healthy employees are happy employees. That’s why your health is ensured—and insured, with health, dental, and eye coverage available from day one.

  • Pre-Taxed Transit

    Our MTA Pre-Tax Program allows you to buy your transportation pass with pre-tax money, saving you up to 10% annually on your commute.

  • Phone Reimbursement

    Working in social media means we need (and want) to stay connected. That’s why we help cover your cell phone data package. So tweet up a storm―don’t worry, it’s on us.

  • Office Forums

    From planning post-work happy hours to decorating the office for holidays, our employees have the best suggestions for how to improve company culture—and we empower them to make it happen.

  • Summer Retreats

    Each year, Likeable shuts down shop to bond as a team. We’ve done everything from a summer camp to a trip to Miami—who knows where we’ll go next?

  • Likeable Holidays

    We love traditions. Whether it’s Thanksgiving Around the World, Dip Day, or our annual Likey Awards, you can bet we’ll be celebrating―with tons of food and fun, of course.

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