Meet the people who make it all possible.

  • Carrie Kerpen

    Managing Director

  • Honey Cantrell

    EVP, Agency Operations

  • Jaime Napier

    VP, People

  • James Reichert

    VP, Client Service

  • Maina Chen


  • Sydney Daly

    VP, Content Strategy

  • Killian Abuan

    Senior Social Strategist

  • Natalie Barajas

    Social Media Manager

  • Melissa Beckman

    Social Media Manager

  • Emily Blumette

    Creative Director

  • Ariana Bruschi

    Senior Art Director

  • Jenn Burgess

    Director, Sales & Marketing

  • Aaron Cavalier

    Senior Project Manager

  • Clare Combs

    Sales & Marketing Coordinator

  • Lindsay Cosner

    Associate Account Director

  • Layne Crawford

    Senior Copywriter

  • Sabrina Crispyn

    Video Editor

  • Alyssa Denton

    Social Strategist

  • Jaime Deschamps

    Director, Creative Operations

  • Mitch Fox

    People & Operations Manager

  • Danielle Gosda

    Senior Art Director

  • Joanne Hague

    Executive Assistant

  • Candie Harris

    Professional Development and Training Partner

  • Christopher Helyer

    Motion Designer

  • Kaylene Jackmore

    Associate Video Editor

  • Dan Kerpen

    Director, Ads & Analytics

  • Sammie Liebman

    Project Manager, Creative

  • Lacey Mark

    Associate Director, Social Strategy

  • Kim Morales

    Associate Account Manager

  • Ian Moran

    Senior Videographer

  • Sarah Moxley

    Senior Account Manager

  • Caitlin Peterman

    Project Manager

  • Melisa Polazzi

    Associate Creative Director

  • Terry Poveda

    Lead Motion Designer

  • Thomas Reyes

    Graphic Designer

  • Shanleigh Roberts

    Paid Media Specialist

  • Shariah Robinson

    Social Media Manager

  • Sarah Rocco

    Lead Photographer & Food Stylist

  • Claire Roediger

    Senior Account Manager

  • Claudia Schultz


  • Arushi Sen

    Social Team Supervisor

  • Erin Siskind

    Senior Copywriter

  • Maggie Smith

    Project Manager

  • Therese Smith

    Art Director

  • Shin Tanaka

    Data Analyst, Ads & Strategy

  • Rocio Urena

    Senior Paid Social Specialist

  • Stephanie Villafranca

    Project Manager

  • Danny Wallace

    Junior Copywriter

  • Kaylin Warren

    Influencer Coordinator