April 5, 2011

Should You Respond To Every Comment On Your Facebook Fan Page?

Dave Kerpen

How do you feel when you get put on hold by a customer service department for a company you’re calling? How do you feel when you get disconnected from that company because your phone signal dies or someone accidentally hits the wrong button?

Today, the vast majority of comments on Facebook Pages go unresponded to. If companies are choosing to respond at all, they’re probably only responding to complaints or questions. I’ve heard, “We don’t have the resources to respond to every comment” a lot, along with “Why respond when they’re not asking you anything?”

I maintain that it’s not only possible to respond to each and every comment about you and to you on Facebook and Twitter, but it’s advisable. And scalable.

We manage Facebook Pages with hundreds of thousands of fans, and are able to still respond to each and every question and comment within hours. It’s scalable.

What might you say? “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” are the 4 most important words in social media. They go a long way, and can be said in an infinite number of different ways. What would you say on the phone to someone that called to comment, or (if you’re old enough to even remember this) what would you write back to someone who filled out a comment card about your store? Good, bad or indifferent comments, great companies of the past responded to every comment card, and great companies of the present and future will respond to every Facebook and Twitter comment.

Whether your business has 5 fans, 500 fans, 5,000 fans, or 500,000 fans, aren’t they all valuable enough to you to respond to?

Tags: Community Management, Facebook, Strategy, Twitter

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