September 12, 2011

Social Media Fueling Patriotism

Now more than ever, people are letting their voices be heard about their American pride. This weekend was a monumental time for our country for coming together in remembrance and support. 9/11’s decade anniversary was a difficult time for many; however it gave way to a wave of patriotism throughout the entire country. Even globally, citizens around the world were showing their support for America and all those affected by the 9/11 tragedy. Companies and consumers were inevitably taking this patriotism to social media over the past several days.


People were coming together globally to show their support for America. #GodBlessAmerica was trending on Sunday as the Twitter world was coming together to express their compassion for all those affected by the 9/11 tragedy, and their overall American pride on such a day. As shown in the global trend map, you can see this trend was dominating across North America, Europe, and various other areas of the world. And more specifically, you can see below the peak of the activity occurred at 10 am- when the ceremonies were fully underway at ground zero.

As a native tri-state area resident, I found it truly remarkable and touching to see how far the support extended. You could join in the commemorative conversations through trends of #neverforget and #911 as well.

The Likeable Constitution

A creative twist to incorporate social media into US history- The Likeable Constitution offers an interactive way to get involved in expressing your political views- social media style. Site visitors see lists broken down between the Bill of Rights, All Amendments or Full Constitution. You are able to go through and like components and see where its likeability lies in comparison to other elements.

It is a clever way to see how social media users are measuring up their political stances. By eliminating the option to comment as well, The Likeable Constitution is serving us strictly a fun way to see the likeability ranking from a new light without the need for discussion.

Patriotic Ads

There were various brands that took the initiative to creative commemorative advertising to show their 9/11 support. State Farm, Budweiser and Verizon are some examples of companies that released ads. Through various scenes and images illustrating the beauty and heart of New York City, brands attempted to use these ads to exemplify a sense of honor to the amazing city; in addition to showing their support to all those who contributed to and were affected by September 11th’s occurrences.

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