July 23, 2013

10 Reasons You Should Consider GIF Marketing

Moving images have greatly evolved with technology – video started at the movies, made its way to television, and eventually online. With the advent of mobile, though, users are looking for quick and easily-downloadable storytelling. That’s where GIFs (i.e. animated images, for those who don’t know) can help brands easily spread an idea or message.

Since 2009, Google searches for GIFs have more than tripled.

Users want this form of media, so it’s time you joined the conversation if you haven’t. Here are my top 10 reasons why you should consider incorporating GIFs or lists of GIFs into your social content strategy.

10. Your usual content strategy has gotten stale.

GIFs are eye-catching. They tell mini-stories that are more exciting than flat-images and faster than videos.

9. You can build a community on new platforms, such as Tumblr.

GIFs can be embedded in Tumblr, and as a network with 29.2 million unique visitors in March of this year, it’s a good place to be.

8. You can formulate clever & witty personal responses to fans that they will look forward to seeing.

Fan: I’m mad at you for XYZ and now I have unliked your page!


Or if you’d like to see an actual response, check out this exchange on Facebook from Seamless.

7. It allows you to insert yourself into the conversation in a non-salesy manner.


6. It is popular among the Gen-Y market, allowing you to connect with a key demographic you may not already have.

Millennials have been the driving force that made GIFs as popular as they are today.

5. Users respond better to lists of short-form content that is fun to read.

4. It’s an original way to stand out against all the text-based and flat image “noise” that’s already on social.

3. GIFs are highly shareable content, which will lead to increased reach, visibility, and exposure for your brand.

2. The GIF is the new meme. Stay relevant!

Just last year, GIF beat out YOLO as the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year.

1. Why not?

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