November 15, 2013

Indexing Likeability Part 3 of 3: How Do I Measure Being Likeable?

One of the biggest problem marketers are currently facing with social media measurement is that they are looking at metrics in silos. To be truly likeable, you need to see the full picture. To view success accurately, you not only need to be measuring your activities on social media, but you need to make sure you’re measuring the right numbers. Sentiment, community actions, and brand responsiveness are three important metrics for your brand to look at when measuring success in social media, but they must be viewed together. When you view metrics out of context, you end up seeing an inaccurate story.

Sentiment + Community Actions

When you focus on sentiment and community actions, you essentially take your brand out of the equation. You are no longer measuring how your brand is performing on social media, but instead are measuring how people are performing around your brand.

Community Actions + Brand Responsiveness

When you leave out sentiment out, you are just assuming that all conversation is neutral. The individuals most likely to interact with your brand are those who absolutely love your brand, as well as those who absolutely despise it. The back and forth communication may be a priority, but you aren’t taking into account the reason for the back and forth.

Sentiment + Brand Responsiveness

When you are only focused on actions your brand has taken in the social space, you miss what your community has to say. You may be receiving insights from your customers and sending out speedy generic responses, but are you are not focusing on providing value to your community.

Community Actions + Sentiment + Brand Responsiveness = Likeability

Measuring part of the story can be detrimental to your brand and can leave you with unanswered questions. When you start looking at all three of these metrics together, you begin to view the big picture.

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