September 11, 2013

Social Marketing Etiquette 101: Be Respectful

I have been sad to see the exploitation of September 11th, a day of remembrance, for social marketing–and so has the rest of the Likeable Media team, especially considering we’re New York-based.

Many digital and social marketers have been tracking these gaffes, and although AT&T’s may be getting the most coverage, there have, unfortunately, been several other brands that have shared distasteful content today.





Scott Stratten, president of Un-Marketing complied images of some of the worst, which he shared via Facebook, but the example that, to me, is the absolute worst comes from



Let’s be honest: The real-time requirements of social marketing may lead to an increase in errors as brands attempt to become part of a growing news story or trend, and responses to community outrage about these possible errors should be respectful of their opinions and reactions.



Let these examples serve as an important reminder: In marketing, as in life, respect matters. Being timely and relevant in your social marketing is important, but so is having tact.

Please remember this, and help your teams, clients, colleagues, and fellow industry professionals remember it too.


Tags: Best Practices, Social Media, Strategy

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