April 1, 2013

The Secret to Your Next Successful Social Media Campaign

If you build it they will come, right? If only it were that easy…

The recipe for a successful social media campaign calls for a variety of ingredients. However, one key element is often overlooked, leaving marketers left to wonder why a great campaign delivered lackluster results. The reason may be as simple as a poor community management strategy.

Community management should be the foundation of any brand’s social media strategy, especially when you are investing time and money on larger social initiatives. Regardless of the platform, developing an engaged following with positive sentiment toward your brand will be critical to whether or not you achieve your campaign goals.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Moderation – Community Managers are often the ones responding for brands first when it comes to customer service related issues. If fans are unhappy due to an unsatisfactory response by your brand’s Community Manager, or even worse are ignored, the fan may develop a negative association with your brand. The next time your brand launches a contest, you will not only lose a potential participant but also an advocate to share your campaign messaging with their personal following.

2. Content Strategy – An engaged community is not built overnight. Consistently providing compelling content sparks fans or followers to perform an action. These actions include a like, share or comment on Facebook, a reply or retweet on Twitter, a follow on Pinterest, etc. When fans engage with your social content, it increases the likelihood of your community participating in your campaign.

3. Successful Contest Execution – Once your contest launches, it won’t be able to run on its own. You will need to build upon your existing community management strategy to provide top notch content to support the campaign, a solid moderation strategy to ensure users know how to enter or participate in the campaign as well as a plan to deal with complaints to maintain positive sentiment surrounding the campaign and your brand.

Brand Spotlight: Nars has placed community management at the center of their social media strategy. When this beauty brand launched a custom cover photo tool to support their new Andy Warhol-inspired collection, they did not need to use giveaways or Facebook ads to get their fans to participate. The app garnered 3,143 unique users, 5,300 generated images and 823,000 impressions all organically.

Tags: Best Practices, Community Management, Content Marketing, Strategy

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