August 6, 2014

3 Hospitals Effectively Using LinkedIn

Gone are the days where LinkedIn was just a place to find a new job. The network has evolved into the premier social destination for professionals to connect with brands and consume content related to their areas of interest. This metamorphosis is particularly appealing to hospitals and medical centers who can become a trusted voice in a sea of professional users.

Here is a look at three hospitals killing it on LinkedIn:

1. The Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic boasts an impressive 64,438 followers on LinkedIn. The medical center regularly updates their page with timely content regarding the hospital and general health tips. An overview of the brand’s most recent posts include articles naming them the #1 Heart Care and Urology programs in the nation, tips on which veggies and fruits should be on your shopping list, and a study scrutinizing the use of Anticoagulants by cancer patients. The tone of posts reflects a health care professional you can trust, without crossing the fine line of actually offering specific health care advice or diagnosis.

The most impressive part of The Cleveland Clinic’s LinkedIn presence is its use of Showcase Pages. LinkedIn offers brands the opportunity to add extensions of their company page to spotlight a brand, business unit, or initiative. The Cleveland Clinic boats three LinkedIn Showcase Pages highlighting their Heart & Vascular Institute (perfect if you want to find out if margarine or if butter is better for your heart), Nursing News (a source for the latest best practices from the world of nursing) and Physician News. All hospital systems can improve their LinkedIn presence by using Showcase Pages to highlight their specialties. Does your hospital have a top-notch maternity ward? Cardiology unit? Pediatric burn center? Create a Showcase Page and let the world know what you do!

2. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, which serves members in eight states and Washington D.C., uses their 188,606 follower strong LinkedIn page to paint the hospital as a trusted and longstanding member of the communities they operate in. Its daily content highlights posts on a fantastic blog (Who knew Henry J. Kaiser bankrolled the famous television show “Maverick” or their network’s doctors were instrumental in the wide-spread use of penicillin?), is a medium to access its annual report, and shares professional articles from doctors in their hospital network.

Kaiser Permanente also drives engagement by posting intriguing articles asking questions like, “Is medicine an art or science?” Comments by followers such as Rodemil Fuentes, who states, “Depends what one considers art as all medicine could be described as such. I would equate orthopedic surgeons to a drummer, a neurosurgeon to a violinist, and a family practice physician is an expressionist painter.” These comments are the kind of engagements most brand marketers dream of!

3. MD Anderson Cancer Center:

In an industry that is usually “by the book,” The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is a breath of fresh air in the social space. When viewing their LinkedIn page, the first thing that catches your eye is the word “Cancer” written on a whiteboard with a giant red slash through it.

While the hospital provides updates on their networks and health tips like the previous brands, they take their content to the next level with personal stories that put a “human face” on the organization. Recent posts include Houstonian Helen Vollmer’s feelings after her breast cancer diagnosis, highlights from their “Camp for All” pediatric program, and a feature on a lively shuttle bus driver who transports patients around the hospital grounds. While the hospital’s accolades and specialties are highlighted on the page, the addition of these personal stories create a sense of community and trustworthiness about the hospital that professionals on LinkedIn are engaging with. All hospitals are part of the community they reside in, and putting a human touch on your building’s LinkedIn profile helps create that feeling.

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