June 12, 2014

3 Agency Tips for Thoughtful Client Service

Many of us who work in social media (or other areas of) marketing are employed by an agency, and want to do the best work possible for our clients.

Here are three tips for increasingly thoughtful client service – no matter what section of an organization or business you’re involved with.

1. Get in the habit of 360 brand thinking.

What else is going on with your client’s brand? What other advertising/marketing/PR/digital/website efforts do they have planned this year? What merchandising, email newsletters, or other calendars should your content align with?

Request as much information as needed to think as holistically as possible about your client, their brand(s), and their goals and budgets. Too often things happen in silos.

Hear more about my thoughts on 360 thinking in my podcast interview on All The Social Ladies.

2. Share the client’s eye view.

Many agency employees solely provide a “high level overview” when writing to/speaking with their clients. There are, of course, times when this is the best and most appropriate perspective to share about your work, especially when speaking with an executive who may not have much time to gain an understanding of your efforts and value. With those exceptions, go more in-depth. Let your clients know what your team is thinking, the reasoning behind your decisions, and develop the type of relationship where you can be honest about your ideas/plans/critiques.

3. Get together

Sending emails is easy and often preferred, but nothing takes the place of face-to-face time. At Likeable Media, in addition to in-person meetings with our clients on a regular basis, we hold an annual client summit, a one day conference full of speakers and presentations around a timely theme, designed to educate, inspire and showcase innovation. In addition to our careers, we likely have things in common with our clients. Get to know them. Make time to bond. No matter what type of business you’re in, relationships are the most important part.

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