February 21, 2014

4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs An Agency

Recently I came across an article that argued against brands having an agency. After moving past a minor panic attack at the thought of my job becoming obsolete, I really considered what the author was saying. And yes, there are certainly valid reasons why you might want your marketing exclusively within your company. But I’d like to take a minute to defend agencies; quite honestly, there are returns that just aren’t possible to achieve in-house. Here are four reasons why your brand still needs an agency.

One Brand Causes Creative Fatigue

Creative professionals can lose passion quickly when they only work with one brand. You might lose a great art director or copywriter after a few years because they crave variety. Agencies allow a creative professional to apply fresh and innovative thinking to your messaging.

Experience With Other Brands Will Help Yours

When an agency has great success with an account, the company applies that thinking to their other accounts. Based on piloting projects with other brands, we can answer questions like:

  • Should I be on the newest social network?
  • What kind of risks can my brand take with trademarked events like the Super Bowl?
  • What are the best ways to feature user-generated content?

Efficient agencies test strategies faster and more efficiently than many in-house marketing departments.

Real-Time Doesn’t Always Mean Immediate Reaction

A lot of brands have an intense legal review process and thus wouldn’t be able to do an immediate reaction to Pharrell’s hat at the Grammy’s. Real-time marketing should include planning for events you know will happen. Someone will always have an ugly dress at the Oscars. People will always complain about a heatwave. Prediction is key, and an experienced agency can tell you what relevant events your audience will be talking about.

Agencies Are Extensions

Why decide exclusively between in-house vs. outsourcing? Agencies can give you the manpower you can’t necessarily hire, but both of you can come up with great ideas together. Don’t be territorial. When it comes to big picture concepts, two heads are better than one.

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