May 30, 2014

7 Essential Free Tools for Social Media Design

Design plays a major part of any web or social media presence. Even though you may not have been schooled in the Visual Arts, these resources can help turn your social media content from mediocre to professional. Once you choose network and know the correct specs, read on to discover 7 resources that can help you create amazing social media content.


Do you need to resize, filter or make a collage out of photos? Pixlr is a free, Photoshop alternative that lets you edit images online via your desktop, phone or tablet browser. Pixlr’s interface resembles Photoshop’s toolbox, windows and includes all of the standard image adjustments (brightness/contrast, color correction, etc), layers and layer masks, filters, and healing/clone tools. Pixlr supports many image types including JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

Alternate Options: GIMP, Paint.Net, PhotoRaster


Ever wanted to identify a particular font? What the Font is a very helpful tool which lets you upload an image to help identify the font.

Free Font Options: Google Web Fonts, DaFont, FontSquirrel


Looking for a certain icon? Check out The Noun Project: an amazing site dedicated to providing users with standard clipart for every noun in the English language. Slick, consistent, easy to read, they are perfect to use in your custom designs.

Alternate Options: IconFinder, Icomoon


Do you need a high-quality pattern, texture or graphic? Design Kindle offers free design resources, including graphics, vectors, icons, patterns, textures and fully coded website templates.

Alternate Options: vecteezy, design.tutsplus


Stuck on color choices? Kuler is a web-based app that allows you to collect themes and share them with the community. Download any public available themes and even upload a photo to collect a variety of palettes.

Alternate Option: COLOURlovers, ColoRotate


Need to find the Hex # for an image? ColorZilla allows getting a color reading from any point in the browser, quickly adjusting this color and pasting it into any program.

Alternate Options: Stripe, EyeDropper


Looking for a striking visual that isn’t too stocky? Compfight is a Flickr search tool that allows you to find great photos for your slides that the owners have shared with the advertising community including images of creative commons and public domain.

Alternate Options: CreativeCommons, CoolIris

Tags: Advertising, Content, marketing, Social Media

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