September 9, 2014

How to Make Brands Sexy on Social

We’re all feeling it. The pressure on brands to be noticed on social media is an ever-increasing challenge. Competitors are getting noisier, consumer attention spans are shrinking, and let’s not forget that pesky Facebook algorithm messing with our post reach! What’s a brand to do?!

Here are some tips for how to sexy-up your brand and get noticed on social.

Skip the stock images.

The days of using stock images to tell your brand story are long gone. If you’re still doing it, STOP. Right now. Savvy consumers know when you’re faking it, and it just cheapens your brand image. Instead, invest in a decent camera, get an in-house photographer (or just use your iPhone), and shoot your product yourself.

I’m not talking professional tabletop beauty images here. Consumers don’t want to share slick product shots with their families and friends! What consumers want most from brands is honesty. Integrity. Knowing that a brand is their partner in their lifestyle. Start showing your product in everyday scenarios — real stuff being used by real people, not stuffy stock shots. Take your product outdoors and shoot some video on the street or in settings that are natural places for your brand to live. Or spin it around and show it in places that your consumers wouldn’t expect — create some buzz around that! It makes all the difference in bringing your brand to life and creating natural connections with your customers.

Repetition = Boring

Sure, you spent good money on those gorgeous product shots and they are dazzling, but how many times can your fans see them without yawning? Shake it up! Some brands take their single bottle or can photo and just paste it into image after image. The same can over and over again…on a holiday background…with a glass…with a football. ZZZzzzzz! WHO CARES? If I’m a fan of that brand, what do I get out of that? Marketers may be in love with the image of their own brand, but consumers don’t care. All they want to know is: “What is this brand doing for me?” Show them! They deserve you making the effort to entertain and educate them. To have consumers find a place for your product in their daily lives is something you should take seriously. Your social strategy should reflect that effort with unique, original, visual content.

Dynamic vs. Static Imagery

Images may speak louder than words, but video can’t stop screaming! Motion graphics and micro-video are the new visual currency. Video is inherently more shareable, more flexible as a storytelling tool, and simply just cooler than a static image. Again, you don’t need to be a pro to make fun brand videos; just slide that button over to the video icon and press record.

Less is more

We’re all constantly bombarded with online imagery and brand marketing. The instinct for brand managers then is to post more content to try to keep up. Resist this urge! I’m an advocate for quality over quantity. An easy way to drive off fans is to just post things for the sake of posting. Save sharing for when you have something of value to add. Spend more time on making something really original and creative instead of just another brand image. Make it worthwhile to your audience. Your fans will thank you for it.

Play and have fun!

Social marketing is not traditional marketing. It’s a playground for brands to experiment with new technologies, new platforms, and new messaging that doesn’t have to be a cookie-cutter extension of your other marketing channels. Unleash the creativity here! Fans taking and posting pictures of themselves with your product is marketing gold. Use it! They are the ultimate creative department. Get them involved in the content creation process. Loosen up and play with your brand. You will see the benefits immediately — and you’ll be so much sexier!

What other ways do you use creative thinking to make your brand sexier on social?

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