April 30, 2014

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: 8 Marketing Secrets from Mean Girls

Today is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Take a moment to reflect and feel old. Done? It ends up that you can find inspiration from unlikely sources, in this case, the Plastics and the other unlucky inhabitants of North Shore High (oh and that girl who doesn’t even go there).

1. Form a brainstorm group. Do you have a Damon and a Janice? Cady would have been lost without them. Whether you’re creating a campaign or simply aligning on strategy, it is helpful to have a group of people to brainstorm ideas with, especially when you are making big decisions.

2. Engage in social listening. Use social media as a social listening tool. Learn what potential clients, influencers, and brands are talking about. Damon and Janice’s plan wouldn’t have worked without having Cady on the “inside” listening to the Plastics’ secrets learning what would make them crack.

3. Understand your target demographic. You’ve got the jocks, the cheerleaders, the preps and more. You can’t use the same platforms, language, and campaign strategies for all demographics. A good marketer listens to customers and fans and iterates based upon their responses.

4. Do your research before using a hashtag. Don’t jump on the hashtag bandwagon just because everyone else is. It’s important to research a hashtag before you use it. If it’s trending, read through the tagged tweets in order to understand the hashtag’s context. Don’t do it just because it seems like a good idea – like eating Kalteen bars.

5. If you are going to use a dedicated hashtag, you should also use a popular one. It is a great idea to have a dedicated hashtag for an event or company but you should also use broad popular hashtags that you know will be popular or trending. It’s not easy to make fetch happen. It’s just not.

6. Everything is traceable. I’ve seen so many people send out the wrong thing or send something without thinking. You are what you Tweet, so Tweet responsibly.

8. Be authentic, and be likeable. The best brands are genuine. They understand their brand and their demographic. They come across as real, as a result, people want to engage with them.

Tags: Best Practices, brands, marketing

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