September 24, 2014

What You Should Know About Real-Time Content

No matter your industry or target audience(s), it is likely that you (and/or your clients) are seeking to share more “real-time” content on social media.

In 2014 alone, there have been several platform changes affecting real-time marketing strategies.

Here is what you should know about real-time content.

1. Plan ahead.

It sounds like a contradiction, but for events or occasions that you can predict will be relevant for your brand, make sure that everyone involved with your content development is aware of (and has) your brand and messaging guidelines. Especially if you’re dealing with a regulated community, you must make sure that all teams, including legal, sign off on your content plan in advance. As Twitter’s Head of Content Planning Stacy Minero has said, “It takes a lot of planning to be spontaneous.”

2. Track trending topics.

When they want to know what’s trending, most people go to Twitter, which has long been sharing the most frequently used hashtags on its desktop homepage and via its app. Facebook recently began tracking this on its News Feed desktop sidebar, and just last week, Facebook announced that News Feed will surface posts that mention Trending Topics sooner and higher in the feed. According to TechCrunch, “It will also look at when people like and comment on posts from friends and Pages so it can stop showing posts about real-time events hours later when they’re no longer relevant.”

3. Think outside the brand.

Being timely and relevant with your content , specifically on social media, is a must, but you should also consider whether each post, tweet, etc. really fits your brand. Real-Time Marketing (RTM) is sometimes considered “news jacking,” and the content shared by some brands on September 11th continues to remind us of the potential for criticism that RTM content can bring. Timeliness should not negate thoughtfulness.

What other suggestions do you have for real-time content marketing? Are there any other processes that your team or clients follow?

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