February 3, 2014

Top 5 Brands That Scored On Twitter During the Super Bowl

Because last night’s Super Bowl game was a blowout, an unprecedented number of viewers turned to the “second screen” to cure their boredom, generating a record 24.9 million tweets. Brands eagerly jumped in on the conversations, providing some much-needed entertainment and proving that you don’t need to buy a Super Bowl spot in order to score major marketing points.

Here is a list of my top five Super Bowl brand wins on Twitter –not driven by commercials during the game:

#5 Heinz

During halftime, Heinz tweeted a great, visual representation of the score that had people talking before the company’s Super Bowl ad ran later in the game.


#4 Newcastle

Several days before the Super Bowl, Newcastle launched the #IfWeMadeIt campaign with Anna Kendrick. During the game, the company trolled brands with commercials and posted a Newcastle version of many of the ads at ifwemadeit.com (much like Priceline did with sock puppets).


#3 Doritos

Doritos selected 50 fans to send to the game dressed in bright orange thereby creating the Largest Human Doritos Chip. The company then “photobombed” plays.


#2 J.C. Penney

J.C. Penney caused a lot of chatter with its incoherent tweeting at the beginning of the game. Though some of it was negative, accusing the company of being drunk, J.C. Penney confessed to #TweetingWithMittens and featured a product for the upcoming Olympics. The company then followed up with fans who predicted that the company tweeted with mittens (like our very own Brian Murray) and sent them a pair.



#1 Esurance

Last week, Esurance had fewer than 10,000 followers on Twitter. The company now has over 115,000 followers and millions of people hoping they will win the $1.5 million the company saved by buying the first commercial after the Super Bowl. Incidentally, the amount saved was 30 percent, which is what the company claims to save you if you switch to Esurance.


A few minutes after the commercial ran, #EsuranceSave30 was trending, passing other popular topics like Peyton Manning, Bruno Mars, and Coca-Cola. A day later, the hashtag still prominently sits at the top of the list, giving the brand the win of the game without having to pay for a spot.

Tags: Real-Time, Strategy, Twitter

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