April 4, 2014

What To Say When You Have Nothing to Say

Every brand has a story, and being on social media is all about telling people that story. That being said, it’s called “social” media for a reason. Don’t just broadcast your story; start a conversation.

And every conversation starts with a question. Start asking your audience questions, and remember: The creativity, charm and genuineness of your questions will affect whether or not people reply. Consider the “who,” “when,” and “why” of your question:

Who to Ask Questions

On Facebook, you’re limited to your fans and other pages. These are all customers, potential customers, and former customers from whom you can gain valuable insight.

On most social networks, you can talk to almost everyone. So if someone might be interested in your brand, show interest in them first and start a conversation by asking them a question. Maybe they’ll want to learn more about your brand and turn into a future customer.

When to Ask Questions

If someone starts talking to your brand, your content is working. Ask questions to keep them engaged. The question doesn’t even have to do with their comment on your post. Ask them about the weather. Ask them their favorite color. Don’t over-think it, just take an interest.

Why Ask Questions

Asking questions continues conversations and in doing so, helps boost engagement and reach and humanize your brand. What’s more, it shows that your brand cares–and you should care, as you can use people’s answers to inform and improve your customer experience.

What’s something interesting that you’ve learned from asking a question?

Tags: Community Management, Facebook, Strategy, Twitter

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