January 20, 2015

12 Easy Steps for Creating an Awesome Blog Post

Joanne Hague


Whether blogging is part of your job, something you do for fun, or just an area you want to improve in, one of the hardest tasks is creating a post that is compelling enough to make your readers want more. Here are 12 easy steps to simplify the process of creating an awesome blog post!

  1. Have a killer title. This is the first (and possibly only) opportunity to make an impression on your readers. Advertise exactly what they can expect to see from your post.
  2. Use compelling sub-headings. Scanning is common for higher-literacy readers, so use these sub-headings to help your readers decide if they want to continue reading. Keep paragraphs to a single idea or even single sentence to help them stand out.
  3. Use bullets to highlight important points and aid digestion of your topic.
  4. Insert links to showcase your research and give credit where it’s deserved.
  5. Be strategic with your formatting. Bolding words or sections in your text can add emphasis to important points
  6. Insert relevant images to grab your readers’ attention and complement your title. Images can add vibrancy and emotion to your post, as well as support the point you are making. Don’t forget that at least 60% of your readers are visual learners.
  7. Include social sharing buttons and a call to action. You might also want to consider adding a comments section to help develop a dialogue with your audience, but remember to keep watching these; not all comments are good comments and you may want to explore blogging software to help manage this.
  8. Build up a stock of resources that you can tap into for future articles. When you want to write a post quickly, this can make it infinitely easier to locate what you need.
  9. Use similar blog topics as an opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t in other posts. Reviewing comments and overall response to other people’s posts allows you the opportunity to give your own take on the subject and provide what was previously lacking.
  10. Consider writing a curated post and pull the expertise of others together (much like this post does).
  11. Ask questions. Pay attention to what other are searching for online and provide answers as your content.
  12. Don’t rush to post. Sometimes you may want to create something spontaneous and share this with your readers, but sleeping on it can add a new layer of depth to your writing and allow you to explore your ideas, images, and opinions a little bit more. Take your post through several revisions to give it that all important tune-up.

Reviewing your blog and incorporating some of these tips can help improve the overall blog experience and make it irresistible to your readers. Spending some time to create a blog that is easy to navigate, personalized, and interactive can help you achieve regular readership and improve how you appear in search.

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Trends

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