April 27, 2015

4 Creative Social Media Hacks

The foundation of a good piece of content is a compelling message that resonates with the appropriate audience. One of the great things about online marketing is that it’s hardly ever a one-way message. You don’t even need a custom built app or a microsite to create moments of interactivity. Here are four ways you may not have considered using the existing functionality of social media platforms.

1. Say It in the Tags (Instagram)

Bonobos posted this dynamic image of a well-dressed man mid-air. But what’s more interesting is their unconventional use of Instagram’s tag feature. When the user does as prompted in the caption and taps the photo once, tags appear—not to indicate people in the image, but to spell out an inspirational phrase.

2. Twitter Quiz

As an alternative to simply tweeting facts, quizzes are an engaging way to educate your audience about your product, your industry, or relevant topics of interest. Exxon Mobil took that interaction a step further by using twitter albums to create an interactive quiz experience. Answer options are sized so that “INCORRECT” and “CORRECT” are cropped from view in the 4-grid tweet, and are only revealed once you click on the answer of your choice.

3. Tap-To-Pause (Vine)

This vine from Pizza Hut isn’t only showing us a series of toppings in rapid succession at a speed at which no human could possibly read the text. It’s inviting you to stop the video with a tap of your screen, in order to help you decide what free topping to add to your next order.

It’s a technique that has many potential applications. Paris Saint-Germain F.C. also used it here as a UEFA Champions League quarter final score predictor.

4. Insta-Hearts

As part of Pure Barre’s “love your body” theme, Likeable Media created this image that uses one aspect of the Instagram UX as a fun extra incentive to like the photo. When a user “double taps” the image on their phone, a heart animates into the space within the dotted line.

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