July 30, 2015

5 Innovative Ways for Brands to Use Vine

After its launch in April 2013, Vine quickly became the most downloaded app in the iOS App Store. Social media users went crazy for the looped, 6-second videos and the app quickly grabbed the attention of comedians, musicians and even journalists. In case the world of Vine is foreign to you, here’s the lowdown. Users can record videos with Vine’s in-app camera, which only records when the user’s finger is on the screen, allowing for experimentation with stop motion animation. Videos are published through Vine’s social network and can also be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter.

There’s no denying the fact that Vine doesn’t have the same kind of influence as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But before you completely rule the app out of your brand’s social networking strategy, you should consider the marketing possibilities that come along with it.

Vine is still very much alive and influential among millennials. According to recent research, Vine rang in its second year by hitting 1.5 billion loops, aka plays, of their videos daily. In fact, the app reaches 14% of the total United States digital population. This might seem like a small statistic compared to that of Facebook or Instagram (58% and 27.6% respectively), but keep in mind that the Vine community is a very active and engaged one. 100 million people watch Vine videos every month, and users share 8,333 videos every minute.

Brands have definitely caught on to the marketing potential that lies within the world of Vine. If it’s right for your target audience (keep in mind the majority of users are ages 14-19), Vine can be an innovative and fun way to engage with your following. And you’re not just limited to Vine’s social network: Remember to share the videos on Twitter and Facebook to get even more views!

Get inspired by these innovative ways that brands are using Vine:

1. DIY videos

Whether it’s a do it yourself project or just a quick tip, a Vine can be far more interesting than a simple tweet. Check out this one from Lowe’s.


2. Turn it into a game

Some brands are taking advantage of the fact that when you tap on a Vine, the screen pauses. This one from Target invites people to tap the screen to see which summer activity they should partake in.

3. Show what your brand can do

Vine allows you to showcase your products in a way that isn’t possible on Twitter or Instagram. Check out this fun example that introduces viewers to a new way to eat Oreos.

4. Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes look

Vine is a perfect place to engage with viewers and show them a different side of your brand. Users see ads all over Twitter and Facebook, so use Vine to show them a little something special. Here, we go behind-the-scenes with the Weather Channel.

5. Make it fun to watch

Yes, they’re only 6 seconds long, but that doesn’t mean Vines are boring. The looped videos can be strangely addicting to watch and, if you do it right, you’ll have users watching your brand’s content over and over again.


So don’t be fooled by the whole “only 6 seconds long” thing—the possibilities with Vine are endless! Incorporate this social network into your marketing game, and you might find yourself interacting with your audience in a whole new manner. Happy vining!


Tags: Content Marketing, Data & Analytics, Niche Networks, Strategy

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