November 2, 2015

What You’re Doing Wrong with Twitter Video

By Mikey Dunn

Native video on Twitter is barely a year old, but it has received a lot of attention. After recent statistics were published for U.S. users, it’s no surprise that:

  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • 90% of Twitter video views are on mobile
  • Twitter users are 1.9x more likely to have uploaded a video online than the average US internet user
  • Native video on Twitter drives more engagement than 3rd party players by the following rates:
    • 2.5x more replies
    • 2.8x more retweets
    • 1.9x favorites

Source: Twitter Blog

However, your brand might be struggling to produce results that align with these statistics, so what are you doing wrong? Here are some things to avoid:

Not Promoting

Twitter’s “Home Timeline” (which is what they call their news feed) is ordered chronologically, and there is currently no algorithm that will boost your video a la Facebook. In order to have more eyes see your tweeted video, try placing a spend behind it. This will make it appear as a promoted tweet, which will surely produce more views and engagements.

Not Optimizing for Mobile

You may have noticed above that 90% of videos on Twitter are viewed on mobile devices. That statistic is huge and definitely something to consider when producing your video. Think about how people view content as they scroll through Twitter and what else may be competing with your video in the feed. Also consider that users on mobile will likely consume video in smaller sessions compared to those on computers.

Forgetting That Videos Are Initially Muted

This is something brands easily forget for Facebook video, and it’s no different for Twitter. If your video content is heavily reliant on a voice-over, people won’t watch.

Think of other ways to get your point across. Consider adding captions, using eye-grabbing animated typography or finding a way to tell a story visually without sound.

Keeping It Too Long

If you upload and promote a video through Twitter Ads, the 30-second maximum length no longer applies. This may be great if your video runs long, but as they say, “attention is a currency.”

Think about how a video starts playing on Twitter — it autoplays. Use those first few seconds to stand out from the noise, and then wrap it up as quickly as you can.

Not Telling Fans What To Do

Every brand has different goals for video. You may be seeking video views, engagements, leads, etc. You may garner attention with a visually compelling clip, but what is the point if you don’t reach your KPIs?

If your video’s goal is to tell people to check out a webpage, then tell them. Don’t forget you have written tweet copy that appears with the video!

Being Boring

If your video is entertaining, then people watching will forget they’re watching an ad. Try to establish an emotional connection or response, or teach your fans something they didn’t know. As Twitter’s research shows, sounding human, storytelling, and “entertaining to engage” are all proven ways to drive success.

Not Scheduling Video

You’re busy. We get it. And waiting for a video to fully upload and process is definitely time consuming. But now Buffer lets you schedule video for Twitter! Problem solved.

Following and Not Leading

Social media moves and updates at a rapid pace (no surprise), so you’ll want to keep ahead of the curve. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the possibility of pre-roll video ads coming to Twitter, so start thinking ahead!

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