August 31, 2015

Why Service-Oriented Companies Should Be on Pinterest


Pinterest is a must-have social media network for ecommerce brands because it’s easy for users to search and click-through to purchase. But every brand should be using Pinterest, even service companies. Here’s why:

  • The half-life of a Pinterest post is 1,600 times longer than that of a Facebook post.
  • On average, users spend 14.2 minutes pinning every time they sign in.
  • Pinterest grew 97 percent last year, making it the fastest growing social media network in 2014.

Even though most of the media is busy talking about Snapchat and Instagram, Pinterest has been silently and steadily growing. It’s not just somewhere your mom likes to keep track of her DIY projects; it’s a huge player in the social network game. So if you don’t have a Pinterest page for your company, you’re missing out on a large group of potential consumers.

But how can a service company use Pinterest to its advantage? Here are some tips:

Pinterest = More Traffic

You already know Pinterest can be used to drive sales, but it can also (and more importantly) be used to drive traffic to your website. 50 percent of visits from the average pin come more than three and a half months after the posting date, so your pins will essentially become more helpful to your business over time. And Pinterest now has over 70 million users worldwide, so just think about all of the future customers you can find on the site.

Your Blog Needs More Readers

If you have a company blog, Pinterest is a great tool for finding new readers. Each post will be exposed to a myriad of new consumersones who might not be reading your blog otherwise. And the best thing about Pinterest is that people don’t have to follow your boards to see your post. If one person pins it, and then someone else pins that, your blog post will soon be all over Pinterest.

Pinterest Will Help You Keep Customers

Pinterest can help you gain new customers through increased traffic, and it can also keep your business in the forefront of their minds. By creating content related to your business, you can keep your customers around long after they have used your service. Here’s an example: CENTURY 21®* is a real estate company that helps people buy and sell houses. Its Pinterest page, however, isn’t full of homes to buy; it’s full of photos and inspiration to help home buyers decorate their new digs. This keeps the company useful (and top of mind) long after its customers are done working with them. These same people may be more likely to use Century 21 ® for their next real estate transaction.

It’s an Easy Way to Brag

Your customers’ reviews aren’t the only things that can affect future clients’ opinions: Why not show them what you can do? Pinterest is a great place to show examples of your work. If you are a contractor, you can pin photos of completed projects to garner new business. Or, if you’re at a graphic design firm, you can show off examples of your portfolio. You can use Pinterest as a window into your world, which will make people even more excited to work with you.

There are a ton of creative ways that you can incorporate Pinterest into your social media marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to join the site just because you aren’t selling a product. You’re still selling something: your brand. Adding this one social media account to your repertoire can make all the difference.

*Century 21® is a Likeable Media client.

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