October 17, 2016

3 Reasons to Explore Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook

Let’s be real, we’ve all done it. Checking Facebook while you really should be doing a report, or using Facebook to pass the time of a really long and boring meeting. But did you ever think Facebook would be here to help you work? Facebook launched a new platform called Workplace on October 10th. Think project management tool meets email. Workplace is an ad-free platform created to help your business do business. Here are some reasons to explore Workplace as an option for your company.

Keep Your Life Separate

Many individuals are concerned with keeping their company life and personal life separate. Your company can sign up for Workplace as a business, but your personal account is never connected. In fact, you don’t even need a Facebook account to utilize Workplace. Rather than having friends, like on Facebook, you create groups with your coworkers. Use Workplace to tie in everyone in your company. You can strengthen your company culture, allow employees to share and comment from events and meetings all over, and use it as a great way to share news with employees all at once. And you can do every bit of this without needing to use your personal account.

Easy to Use

Facebook has 1.7 billion users. We all know how to use it. Workplace operates very similarly to the way Facebook does. It has live video so that you can broadcast meetings, a newsfeed so that you can maintain updates in real time, reactions to let your coworkers know your opinions, and you can search trending posts. With Workplace you could host a virtual brainstorm — how cool would that be? Workplace also features a shared space to work with people outside of your company parameters, but allows you to keep groups separate.

Reasonable Cost

Workplace is free for nonprofits and educational institutions. But if you don’t fall into these categories, the price for your business is per user and the more users you have, the less the cost is per person. Workplace only requires your company to pay for active users. Included in this price is unlimited file, photo, and video storage, unlimited project groups, live video streaming, monitoring tools for IT teams, along with much more.

Workplace has been piloted in numerous countries across 3 continents and over 1,000 companies in multiple industries have used it. Now, it’s available to you. Companies have found that after using Workplace, they don’t have the need for intranets, video conferencing, and distribution lists. It simplifies communication all around.

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