August 10, 2016

4 Tips For Professionals Entering the Social Media Marketing World

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Changing industries can always be difficult. There are new people, new processes, and new challenges that a new environment can bring. When the industry you are going into is one that (figuratively) moves at the speed of light, here are four tips that can help you adjust to the change!

1. Stay Current

With the landscape of social media marketing changing on a constant basis, it is crucial to stay up-to-date on all news and changes. Whether it be a new capability added to Instagram or a fad such as Pokémon GO sweeping the nation, to be successful in social media marketing, you have to keep up with the trends. Following expert publications on your social accounts is a good start to stay in the know as the social world changes around us.

2. Use the Platforms

Being familiar with the platforms gives social media marketers a huge advantage when beginning to work with and sell social capabilities. It is one thing to have read a few articles about the similarities and differences of Instagram Stories as compared to Snapchat, but unless you have seen and explored both personally, you will never fully be able to describe the capabilities to your partners. Knowing the tendencies and hiccups that are inherent in each social media platform that you are working with is an invaluable tool when crafting a campaign for a partner.

3. Live Outside of the Box

It isn’t just enough to stay up to speed on new capabilities that social comes out with, however. Marketers also have to be able to use these tools creatively in ways that fit their brand strategy. The ability to do this is what sets apart great social media marketers from the rest. Living outside of the box in social, despite it’s constantly changing nature and bendable rubber mold, requires taking all that is current in the news and world around you, all that is new in social media, and tying it into a brand’s voice and goals. Ideas that stand out to brands will stand out to their audience, and high engagement will follow.

4. Ask Questions

For experts and novice marketers alike, asking questions is crucial when it comes to social media. Between creating content, crafting ideas to hit brand goals, and understanding the ins and outs of new capabilities, you have to be able to turn to your peers for knowledge. The nature of social media makes it so that no one person is all-knowing of its capabilities. Constant change keeps your brain moving and your ego humble. Always. Ask. Questions.

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