February 24, 2016

5 Features You Didn’t Know Existed on Pinterest


Last year, Pinterest announced it had reached over 100 million monthly active users. This shows the network has become more than just a place for pretty photos and craft ideas. There are many unknown features that brands, bloggers and individual users alike can take advantage of.

Here are five worth learning:

1. Cinematic Pins

Scrolling down the Pinterest feed has become much more interesting with the addition of cinematic pins. These pins move as you scroll, which draws your attention away from the static pins surrounding them.

Recently, a cinematic pin on my feed displayed a woman walking down the street in a business outfit. The movement of her clothing allowed me to envision how good I’d look walking in the product. While this feature isn’t right for every brand, it works well for products like clothing, where seeing multiple angles might influence purchase.

2. Pinterest Tab Extension for Chrome

I only recently discovered this older Pinterest feature, but since then it’s added a daily splash of creativity to my browser.

When you open your browser or a new tab, this Chrome extension allows the user to choose the type of pin they’d like to see in the tab as well as view their schedule and the time. If you like the pin that shows up, you can pin it directly to your account. Or you can refresh the page until you see a pin you like.

Although this feature doesn’t directly impact your brand profile, it allows you to interface with Pinterest in another way and discover new content without spending time on the platform.

3. Board Cover Photos

One downside to Pinterest’s platform is the heavy focus on imagery on the individual profile page. The name of the board is small above the cover photo and thumbnails. For a consumer scrolling through profiles, it can be hard to identify why they should follow a board without searching for that name.

Recently for Extra Space Storage*, we developed board cover photos that have the board title over an opaque background photo. When someone encounters the Extra Space Storage Pinterest page, it’s much easier for them to see what each board is about, which helps promote follows.

*Likeable Client

4. Promoted Pin Keywords

For brands that promote their pins frequently, it can be hard to determine the correct number of keywords. Pinterest recommends using 20-30 unique keywords per pin.

What is a unique keyword? In this case, it means that in order to cover the spectrum for a promoted sneaker pin, you don’t have to put “running shoe” and “shoe for running.” As long as the words “running” and “shoe” are both included, any similar search using those two words will show your pin.

Using this approach will get your pins into the right feeds at the right time.

5. Pin It Browser Button

This feature isn’t new, but it is underutilized and serves as a major time saver.

Whether you’re a Community Manager or just an avid Pinterest user, it’s a pain to find a photo or blog you like and have to keep switching between windows in order to copy and paste the URL into the “Add A Pin” section of your Pinterest profile.

The browser button allows you to save articles or photos in seconds without losing your place on the page or even switching windows.

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