August 16, 2016

5 Unique Ways Brands are Using Instagram Stories

James Reichert

Instagram launched their newest feature, Stories, earlier in August as a way to continue to compete with Snapchat for daily users. The premise is basically the same as Snapchat Stories in that users can take (or upload) pictures or videos and add them into their story, where they last for 24 hours. Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, has even given Snapchat credit for innovating the way users consume and share content in this format. Below we will take a look at how a few brands are using this new feature.

1. MVMT Watches New Product Release

MVMT Watches utilized Instagram Stories as a way to introduce their new line of sunglasses. This product reveal is a great way to build excitement around a new product and reward your followers with inside information.

2. MLB Puts a Fun Twist on Game Updates

The MLB never truly runs out of content with the plethora of games played each day and night. They currently use Instagram Stories as a fun way to showcase highlights or memorable moments from the previous day of games in the form of a social newspaper. This approach differentiates it from their normal content and keeps it fresh for their followers.

3. Whole Foods Shares Weekly Deals on Special Items

Whole Foods currently uses Stories to share lifestyle shots of their favorite items on sale each week. This is a great way for social media to influence in-store purchase intent. It would interesting to see a “social-only discount” for those that screenshot the story and display it at the registers.

4. Travel Channel Gives Influencers a Platform to Share

Travel Channel is giving their followers a first-hand look at places around the world by allowing their influencers to post stories on their channel. This exclusive content is a great way to make your audience feel a part of an experience while allowing your influencers to add their own unique voice.

5. Food Network Cross-Promotes Other Activations

In a funny twist, Food Network uses Instagram Stories to alert their followers about upcoming content that can be viewed on their Snapchat Discover channel. Cross-promoting content is a great way to build anticipation and drive viewership on a platform they might not be following yet.

All in all, Instagram Stories provide another unique platform for serving content to followers. Instagram’s differentiator is that it has already created more of a community feel for brands, whereas Snapchat is still more of a user-to-user platform.


Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Instagram, Strategy

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