May 19, 2016

A Blog About Blogging: Finding the Right Platform For You

Michelle Greenbaum

Whether you’re a storyteller, a businessman, a marketer at a content marketing agency, a mommy, or a fashionista, it seems like everyone has a blog these days. Can you blame them? Blogging is a great way to showcase hobbies, opinions and advice, and when you post your blog on social media, your voice is able to reverberate by way of shares.

Are you thinking of joining the blogging community, but unsure of where to begin? Here are six platforms to keep in mind. Each is different, but you’re guaranteed to find one tailored to fit your needs.


Big Takeaway: With 25% of the web running on the platform, is currently the King of Blogging.
Recommended For: Everyone!
Pros: Built-in social sharing, in-depth stats, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, 24/7 support, and hundreds of themes to choose from.
Cons: Although there are tons of themes, the customization of them is limited. Some features may seem free to use, but are only available with additional upgrades.
Cost: Free, with options to upgrade ($8.25-$24.92/month)


Big Takeaway: There’s a BIG difference between and
Recommended For: Professional bloggers and businesses that are open to getting their hands dirty.
Pros: Freedom! You have full control over a site. Everything is custom, which means the building process can be fun and rewarding if you’re willing to put in the work.
Cons: You must set up your server, regularly update themes and plugins, keep your site secure, backup regularly, and resolve any other problems that arise. This requires technical knowledge and increased responsibility.
Cost: You must cover the cost of a domain name and a website host. The software is free.

3) Squarespace

Big Takeaway: The platform has a beautiful and modern interface, but it seems more worthwhile if you have additional goals for your site, like e-commerce, rather than a standalone blog.
Recommended For: Small businesses, large businesses, and personal bloggers wanting to link to multiple destinations.
Pros: Elegant design, 24/7 customer support, ability to sync with social networks, built-in analytics, free custom domain name, and automatic mobile-friendly conversion (just to name a few).
Cons: You must manually enter code into your blog to get some tools that are easily accessible on
Cost: 14-day free trial, $12-18/month afterwards

4) Blogger

Big Takeaway: Connecting your blog to Google+ is suggested, but seems unnecessary.
Recommended For: Writers, students, and businesses with text-heavy goals.
Pros: It’s very simple to use and a great choice if you care about curating written content with few visual additions. Tracking page traffic is also made easy.
Cons: The design creativity is limited and the templates are dated.
Cost: Pay to get your own domain name without the “.blogspot” extension. Otherwise, free.

5) Tumblr

Big Takeaway: Tumblr isn’t just a platform for memes, and it is far more social than other blogs.
Recommended For: Visual storytellers who aren’t concerned with long-form text; businesses targeting younger audiences.
Pros: Easy incorporation of photos, GIFs, audio, and video can make your blog extremely dynamic. Tumblr incorporates re-blogging, which makes it more of a social network, similar to Pinterest.
Cons: It’s not very professional. The nature of Tumblr is more fun and artistic.
Cost: Pay to get your own domain name without the “.tumblr” extension. Otherwise, free.

6) Medium

Big Takeaway: Medium was developed by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, so there is definitely opportunity for growth.
Recommended For: Storytellers
Pros: Sleek and polished, built-in social distribution, passionate and engaged readers, home to leading writers and thinkers on the Internet.
Cons: You can’t customize your template (but there’s beauty in simplicity).
Cost: Free

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