March 28, 2016

How to Manage a Social Media Crisis in 3 Easy Steps

Social media crises happen. They occur out of the blue, but there’s no need to panic. With a bit of effort and teamwork, you will make it through with flying colors. Here’s a three-step solution to managing those crises for social media marketing companies.


Ensure there is a clear escalation process for when a problem arises. Have everyone’s contact information on hand for quick turnarounds. Work with the client to put a strong escalation process in place. The more you prepare to be on the same page, the smoother a crisis will be.

In addition to an escalation process, come up with a loose template that can be used to document comments. This is especially important if you plan on responding to each and every person. Even if you’re not responding to all comments, documenting is helpful. It’s a great way to reference any comments that need immediate attention.


Depending on the severity of the crisis, you might be hesitant to issue a statement. Don’t be. Your fans will appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Beyond issuing a statement, it’s also best to start responding to individual comments, if feasible. Be personalized and sympathetic with responses to avoid sounding like a robot.

Facebook is a crisis management lifesaver. It updates its platform regularly, adding more and more tools to help Community Managers stay one step ahead. Instant replies, one of its more recent updates, is a total game-changer, allowing CMs to draft an immediate response for people that message a page.

Another small but powerful Facebook update is a page’s response time to private messages. When it first rolled out, it was calculated by Facebook, and the only way to change it was to respond faster. Now, Facebook has several options for CMs to change manually. In the event of a crisis, a page can increase the response time, making clear how long it will take to reply.


Once activity slows down, take time to reflect on the entire situation. Look back and understand what could have been done better.

Even if the crisis management was phenomenal, there is always room to improve. Find key points of the crisis that could have been smoother. Make note of these points for any future crises that may pop up.

Tags: Best Practices, Community Management, Strategy

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