December 9, 2016

Quick Tips: Social Media Copywriting 101

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There is copywriting and then there is social media copywriting. In a world of limited character counts and short attention spans, the right copy plays an important part in helping your content break through the clutter. Here are five quick tips (described with alliterations) to help you improve your social media copywriting.

1. Brevity is Best

This is hardly a new tip, but it is so often ignored. On most social networks, users are expecting quick and easy-to-digest information. In fact, posts with 80 characters or less have a 27% better rate of engagement. Try writing out everything you want to say first and then looking for places to “trim the fat.”

2. Complement the Creative

Almost all social networks lend themselves very well to visual content. When using visuals, make sure your copy not only makes sense with what is being portrayed, but that it complements it. Look at each post as an extremely brief story and make sure all aspects of that story flow.

3. Flirt with First Person

People are not looking for their social media feed to be riddled with advertising jargon and impersonal business language. Try to loosen up a bit by using “I” and/or “we” to make your copy less formal and your brand seem more approachable.

4. Prove Your Point

So, what’s the point of your post? Whether it’s to engage, inform, entertain or anything else, there should always be reasoning behind your post and YOU as the copywriter, should always know what it is. Write with the point in mind. When you review your copy, ask yourself whether the post proves it.

5. Tap into Tools

There are countless resources available online for social media copywriting. For the most part, every network has a place to read about and view examples of their creative guidelines. In addition to those, here are a few more:

  • Grammarly: Is a writing enhancement tool (and convenient Chrome plugin) that is great for basic proofreading needs.
  • Character Count: A basic tool for any character, word, sentence, and paragraph counting.
  • Hemmingway Editor: Need help stripping down those sentences? This is the right tool for you.

Social media copywriting may be different from other media, but it still requires creativity. Combine your inner wordsmith with these tips for killer content.

Tags: Best Practices, Creative, Strategy

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