January 20, 2016

3 Fitness Brands You Should Follow on Social

Running and fitness brands are ready for an exciting 2016.

For all those interested in fitness, yoga, running or starting the New Year on a healthy leg, these accounts will help you get motivated for your next race, game or whatever your goals you may be.

Follow these brands and challenge yourself to go out and Just Do It.

1. @ToughMudder

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile mud obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. It has blown up over the past couple years, doing a great job of creating a collaborative team nature.

It recently ran a short fitness adventure series called Coachified. This humorous and entertaining series features Coach Kyle Railton rocking short shorts and an impressive mustache while giving inspirational tips on how to train in the Concrete Jungle.

Follow Coach Railton through his different adventures and obstacle challenges. He gives very funny training tips that apply to people on all fitness levels.

2. @NikeRunning

Do I have to say more than Just Do It?

Nike+ Run Club offers free running, yoga and track workouts across the United States. On social, it focuses on teamwork, enjoying life and striving for greatness each and every day.

To quote the legendary Julia Lucas, “The beginner and the super elite are all just doing the same thing. We are all just out there and running. Together.”

Nike creates a lifestyle of living free through health and fitness, while at the same time promoting its brand. On Instagram, the Run Club posts a variety of beautiful running images, fashionable apparel and scenes of teams working together toward one common goal.

Checking this once a day should get you pumped for your morning run or jog.

3. @RunnersWorld

Runner’s World is a monthly print magazine for runners of all skill sets. It produces exemplary content and motivation over social, offering different workouts based on distance, skill and nutrition.

It also posts user-submitted nutritional recipes that encourage the proper balance before future races. It buoys those with in-depth insights from professional runners, who review new apparel/shoes and offer tips on topics such as breaking your 5-k PR.

In short, Runner’s World creates a voice of hope and toughness that engages users to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

2016 is going to be the year of fitness brands on social media. With the emergence of mud runs, crossfit and yoga, there is huge potential for the industry to grow. Next time you’re on the couch watching the latest Netflix series, check these brands on Instagram and Facebook and find your motivation to be the healthiest version of yourself.

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