January 31, 2017

21st Century Dream Jobs

Michelle Greenbaum


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question that we’re asked before we even understand the concept of a career. Though we all had a go-to answer when we were 6 years old, we continuously change it throughout our lives. Dreams of becoming a veterinarian turn into dreams of being a teacher, a singer, a journalist, and so on. (Psst… It’s okay if you’re still trying to figure it out.)

When today’s children are asked this question, their answers are unlike anything heard from previous generations—YouTube star, beauty blogger, and Instagram photographer are just a few that come to mind. Social media has opened doors for those entering the workforce, and it’s created a larger pool of talent for your brand to take advantage of. If hiring a celebrity for a television spot sounds out of budget, try hiring a group of influencers to promote your products or services on social media instead.

If you’re looking for a TV Personality, consider the next YouTube Sensation.

Glasses retailer Warby Parker recently partnered with influencer Tyler Oakley. Oakley has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.9 million followers on Instagram, but despite his fame, this relationship feels organic and authentic because Oakley was already wearing Warby Parker glasses before he was paid to—he’s a real fan. Your brand may not be as well-known as Warby Parker, but this success story is a reminder to be diligent about interacting with your current consumers to utilize their talent for future content.

If you’re looking for a Model, consider a Lifestyle Blogger.

Have you ever heard of LIKEtoKNOW.it? This service allows fashion and lifestyle bloggers to attach a link to each of their Instagram photos. When their fans “like” the influencers’ photos, those who have a LIKEtoKNOW.it account are automatically emailed a full list of products featured in the image. Furthermore, Instagram has caught on to this trend is working on rolling out a Tap to Shop feature. This new tool will allow users to view featured products in a photo without ever leaving the social network.

If you’re looking for an Artist, consider a Snapchat Doodler.

While YouTube and Vine were the pioneers of online humor, Snapchat is paving the way for the future. Artist Mike Platco has more than 100,000 active followers in the 13-25 year old demographic and has a long portfolio of partnerships, including Grubhub, T-Mobile, and Disney. Platco is known for his bright and colorful masterpieces, all created with his finger as his paintbrush and his cell phone as his canvas. You can check out some of his awesome creations here.

Every network comes with its unique set of challenges, but the most important challenge is finding influencers that remain true to your brand. With the advent of #ad and #sponsored, it can be easy for fans to see through your marketing strategy. Learn how to determine if a partner is the right fit by reading Likeable’s previous blog post, A Discussion About Authenticity in Influencer Marketing.

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