February 7, 2017

3-Steps to Instagram Influencer Stardom


Foodies, cat lovers, photographers, and beauty bloggers. What do all of these things have in common? You can find at least one influencer Instagram account for each one. Influencers have cache and people visit their pages for recommendations on trends. Influencers are great, but how do they become influencers?


Tagging on Instagram is an important step to increasing exposure. However, tagging is unique to each account and community on Instagram, especially hashtags. There are many points to consider when coming up with the perfect bundle of hashtags. Avoid using hashtags that update by the second. Although these are popular, your content will get lost in the feed immediately after you post. Instead, do light research about which hashtags have the best results. Most users like to use hashtags that will get them featured on other Instagram accounts that have large followings.

Other tags that are important to consider are geo-tags and usernames. Geo-tags are great for locations. If you’re a beauty influencer, they are the least of your worries. However, if you are posting photography or food, geo-tags are fantastic. Tagging users in the picture itself and in the caption works wonders, too. It helps most if you’re trying to get featured on a specific page.


You can post once a day, or you can get a little wild and post four times a day. When I started my photography Instagram account, I started at four times a day since I had a variety of shots I could post. Four may seem like a lot, but it can work out in your favor. If you decide to post more than once a day, you can experiment with different hashtags, time of day to post, and accounts to tag in your post. Once you have a better idea of what’s working for you, you can slow down do what you find works best.

Community Engagement

Now that you have your tags and frequency set, the third step is community engagement. Getting a handful of likes and comments on your post is exciting, but there’s more to tackle! Now that you are more familiar with the community, start engaging. Find other accounts in the community and like their photos, follow them, and comment occasionally. These small, but important steps will go a long way in building your follower count and in gaining exposure.


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