November 15, 2017

A Reflection on Agency Life at Likeable Media

James Reichert

It’s crazy to think that I just celebrated my five year anniversary at Likeable Media. Looking back, the reasons I joined the team are the same reasons why I’m still here. People ask what makes Likeable Media so different from traditional agencies and my answer is always the same: good culture, good people, and good opportunities for growth. To commemorate my five years at Likeable Media, Jessica Chen, a senior account manager at Likeable Media asked me a few questions.

Can you describe your Likeable Media career path to date?

I made a career change and started off as a 25-year-old intern. I knew social was going to be a growth industry, so I took a calculated leap of faith. I stayed on at Likeable Media growing into various community manager roles before shifting over to client services. I have been on the account team for a little over three years and currently have a managerial role, overseeing the junior team members.

What has been the biggest change in Likeable Media since you started?

We didn’t have a creative department when I first started. Five years ago, social was a completely different landscape; there wasn’t an emphasis necessarily on telling a story via creative, it was just about quantity, not quality. Now, Likeable Media staffs the greatest and brightest designers, art directors, videographers, motion graphic artists, and much more. Seeing departments expand with more specialized roles over time shows you how we’ve evolved.

How do you think Likeable Media employees are different from other companies?

It’s pretty much a guarantee that I can at any point in the day, walk up to anybody, and ask them a question, and they won’t say, “I don’t know.” They’ll say, “I don’t know, but this person knows,” or “I don’t know, but let’s look into it together.” There’s a sense of camaraderie and a common goal.

What is your favorite Likeable Media tradition?

My favorite traditions are our themed potlucks, such as Thanksgiving, because it’s a good time to talk about various employees’ traditions and culture.

What did you bring to the last Thanksgiving potluck?

I brought German potato salad.

How have you changed since you started at Likeable Media?

Professionally, I feel like I’ve always been challenged here, with either new responsibilities or helping out with different and new tasks. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me grow more than just putting my head down at my computer every day and going through the motions.

What’s a day in the life like for you?

My work day technically starts when I’m sitting on my train in the morning, around 7:30 or 8 a.m., where I check any late night or early morning e-mails, as well as my calendar/events for the day. I’m usually in the office before 9 a.m., where I make myself an espresso and triple check my to-do lists. As a manager, my day is comprised of attending necessary meetings and ensuring my team is supported, as well as tackling or delegating any incoming tasks that arise or come through. Pro Tip: Block off your calendar if you know you need to get something done before your day gets away from you.

Any forward-thinking ideas for Likeable Media?

Yes. More in-house dog video shoots.


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