March 22, 2017

Anne-Marie Kline of Living Proof, Inc on All The Social Ladies

Anne-Marie Kline is the VP of Global Marketing at Living Proof. She’s had a career that has been based on emerging technology since she started. We’re talking technology before the palm pilot or the DVR and now we’re talking about technology that helps make your hair perfect. She’s got a lot of great stuff to say.


Key Topics

  • The Story of Anne-Marie’s Career
  • Working In Emerging Technology
  • Success Metrics In Social Media

Talk to us about Living Proof and the approach to social media.

Living Proof is all about problem solving. You have a hair challenge and we have a solution. All of our franchises are built on this premise of solving a problem. We want to use our hair care technology to put a pep in people’s step with a good hair day so they are more confident to tackle whatever it is they’re doing! Word of mouth is a big deal for us – we want to hear the real voices telling their stories. Our approach to social is attempting to put the oldest form of marketing to use in influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a big deal in the beauty space and it is evolving. It’s really important to find those people that emulate your brand and have cultivated a large audience. We spend a lot of time finding the right people and cultivating relationships with them.

What’s been the biggest change that you’ve seen in the social space?

One of the key things is how fast everything became monetized and how organic is really hard to do impactfully. You also know that some things that work in organic, don’t work in paid. Trying to get that right is always a challenge. This is why data has to be your friend and help you. You can’t get emotionally attached to pieces of content because you may have to kill them in a day. Paid social strategy is a large piece of our marketing mix and so the lesson is, if something doesn’t work, don’t use it.

Key Sound Bites

“Working with emerging technology from the start of my career gave me a thirst for this space and what’s next.”

“Social changes everyday and it can be really hard to be the smartest in the space. Instead, be the most collaborative, the most willing to experiment and learn from your mistakes, and adjust quickly.”

“Our brand isn’t just one person. There are many faces to it so it feels like a community that we all own.”


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