June 14, 2017

How Do You Know If a Company Really Values Family?

Carrie Kerpen

In this episode of the “Work It Story Suite,” it’s Take Your Kids to Work Day! So what better time to talk about balancing motherhood with a thriving career? Today, I get to talk to Belia Simm, an art director at Likeable Media, who shares how having a child impacted her professionally.

When her son Luke was born, Simm was a creative director at an agency in New York, spending a lot of time in the city while her husband worked from home. Later, when Luke started to call his father, “Mompa,” it became clear that she needed to take time off to spend more time with him. One wonderful year later, she was back to work looking for a new company that would help her achieve her professional goals while also helping her achieve work-life balance as a mother.

If you’re a new mom getting back into the workforce or simply just looking for a family-friendly workplace that respects life outside the office, Simm shares practical advice:

Test the waters. When she first went back to work, Simm started out freelancing at companies to get a sense of their culture, talk to fellow employees, and find out if the company truly prioritized family.
Ask the right questions. When freelancing or interviewing, it’s important to ask HR direct questions about their policies. Do they offer paid parental leave? Do they offer the ability to work from home or create flexible work schedules? Do they have family as part of their core values?

Watch the video above for more advice from Simm (and for some adorable playtime with the kids of Likeable Media).

Carrie Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable Media, a social media agency. She is passionate about social media, and connecting women in digital via her podcast, All The Social Ladies. Tweet her @carriekerpen

This article was originally published on Forbes.

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