November 1, 2017

Ivy Brown of TIAA Financial Services on All the Social Ladies

Ivy Brown, the Vice President of Brand Marketing and Advertising at TIAA Financial Services, Her story is one of passion, launched from her high school days and her love of a specific clothing brand.


Key Topics

  • Ivy’s Career Story
  • Building Your Curiosity Muscle
  • Encouraging Engagement in Complex Industries

How do you make sure that you’re reaching the right audience?

We have a highly reachable and identifiable audience, and we are able to find them in pretty amazing ways with our various agencies partners in the digital landscape. We know that Google and Facebook have a highly targetable audience base and they are two key partners of ours as we build out our reach plans. The world has become more complex in the ways that you talk to your audience, how you engage together while still ensuring that you stay true to your brand. We’re all about being accessible, simple and authentic and we need to ensure that we continue to follow those brand principles on the various platforms we choose to be on. We use each channel to the best of its ability to achieve our business and brand objectives.

How much of your marketing mix involves digital?

Digital today, is close to 70% of our mix. When you factor search, social channels, video, programmatic display, being mobile ready, plus a little room for experimentation across other emerging channels, digital does play a key role. Don’t underestimate the power of search in this kind of marketing. You know your audience is looking for key things. If someone has a great experience with us, they’re more likely to refer us to a friend. So that’s why it’s important for us to connect the dots between what we’re pushing out and how our audience is coming in and engaging with that.

Key Sound Bites

– Don’t look for an endpoint in your career. Look to build out your experience toolkit so you’re open to other opportunities.
– Being curious is a foundational element of how you grow, learn and develop.
– Using real-life personas is a great way to show that you understand your audience.


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