January 3, 2017

The Dos and Don’ts of Snapchat

Mikey Dunn

In this snap story, I share four things I recommend and four things you should avoid while snapping. Be sure not to make this mistake while representing yourself or your brand on Snapchat, otherwise your audience will see you as unfamiliar and awkward with the platform.

Do: Use Captions and Text Formatting

Change up the color, highlight portions of text and use multiple colors, italicize, bold, underline — there are tons of options to choose from!

Don’t: Put Text at the Very Top or Use Hard-to-Read Colors

If your background is white, avoid white or yellow text, and beware of the “bad zone.” This zone is the top portion of the snap where your username and the timer will overlay the snap.

Do: Be spontaneous and fun!

Snaps should be fun and creative. Spontaneity works really well here: perhaps try doing a behind-the-scenes feature!

Don’t: Be Boring

If you want to gain a following and have your followers pay attention to your snaps, you’re going to have to stick out from the competition — the rest of the snaps waiting to watched by that person.

Do: Doodle and Use Stickers

Snapchat has added lots of new features including a multitude of fun stickers. These can spruce up a snap and lead to some creative uses.

Don’t: Overdo It

Unless you’re making a collage, don’t go overboard with the stickers!

Do: Tell Your Followers to Snap You

This is great if you want to do a giveaway. Have your followers snap or chat you and then pick some winners. It’s a fun way to get your community to interact with your brand!

Don’t: Make it Complicated

The simpler the better. A simple ask will produce a ton of snap submissions while a complicated list of tasks to enter will be ignored.

Happy Snapping! (And have fun!)

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Snapchat, Strategy

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