January 9, 2017

The Secret to Sizzle Content

For every brand that strikes gold with real-time commentary on social media, there seem to be dozens of brands that mess it up somehow. Whether appearing insensitive or simply out of touch, many companies aren’t making the social media splash they’d hope to when first deciding to jump on a real-time trend.

The best way to ensure success is to have a series of steps that filter out the bad ideas and mistakes while letting quality, relevant ideas through. Here’s how to get started.

Think of Your Community

Not all communities react the same way to timely content. Look at resources like audience insights and other demographic tools to determine if your users have in interest in this topic.

Avoid the Negative

Don’t pursue negative, serious, or politically-charged stories unless they are extremely relevant to your brand.

Keywords Are Key

Use any hashtags or terms associated with the subject. It helps the right people find and engage with your content.

Know or NO

Know the facts and the background of the trend or story before you create content around it. This requires deep research into the hashtag or event. Sometimes bad people or events are associated with the topic, and your brand won’t want to be tied to these.

Proofread… Again

Real-time or not, typos make a post lose its impact.


Allot a budget for real-time content opportunities ahead of time. That way, the right people can sign off on the placement of the content quickly.

“Big Brother” the Conversation

Monitor the social conversation before and after you post. If things begin to go sour, don’t hesitate to halt production or pull the post down. (And learn from your mistakes so you have a more successful post next time.)

Tags: Best Practices, Data & Analytics, Real-Time

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