July 18, 2017

Top 3 Mistakes You’re Making on Twitter


In 2012, we reported on the difference between the @reply and @mention. Since then, users have mastered the difference; however, we now face new and easy mistakes to make.

1. Including Unnecessary Accounts in a Reply

One of Twitter’s newer updates was both a blessing and a curse. Twitter no longer includes mentions in the character count for replies. This was great for all community managers drafting swift replies under 140 characters. However, when you may see that you are replying to more than one user. Twitter lists the people you are replying to above the text box, and it can be easily missed. To avoid replying to an unnecessary account, simply click on the users and check off the accounts you want to include.

2. Not Engaging with Real-Time Hashtags

Hashtags on Twitter are important if they are relevant. You may see great success when engaging with a real-time hashtag. Be smart though, always complete your research about what the hashtag is about to ensure it aligns with your brand voice. If your brand can tweet with the hashtag, try to avoid selling your product or service. Instead, join in on the fun and show off your personable side!

3. Sharing Content from Other Networks

If your brand is creating great content for your social channels, and you want to share it on Twitter, you should! Make sure you’re doing it right and not sharing it from a different network. When sharing from another network, Twitter cuts the copy off and links to the social network you share from. To avoid this, write copy specifically for Twitter and resize your content to abide by their specs. Your content on Twitter will be more eye-catching when done right.

Tags: Best Practices, Strategy, Twitter

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