May 21, 2018

3 Keys to Making Your Content Culturally Relevant

Multicultural consumers are 120 million strong with $4.1 trillion in buying power. At this year’s Google Multicultural Marketing Next forum, top advertisers and agencies came together to gain insights from “culture disruptors” and learn how to think differently to stay ahead of the curve.

These are a few of our key takeaways.

Use cultural intelligence to unlock cultural relevance.

The forum started by sharing YouTube’s most-viewed video in 2017, “Despacito,” with over three billion views to date. It’s a song that crossed borders worldwide to be viewed in 101 countries—proving that no language barriers can stop a truly great song.

Today’s culture plays by different rules. In order for your brand to succeed, you must understand the language, identity, and passion of your multicultural audience. And that starts with data.

As Kelsey Price, US Multicultural Lead at Google, explained, marketers have an opportunity to translate search intent into cultural relevance. Price shared a case study from Make Up For Ever in which the brand found the opportunity to market to users searching for “best concealers for dark skin. The brand displayed customized and personalized solutions and tutorials for women of color using 5-6 second ads. The campaign resulted in 44% lift in brand recall, 18% lift in product searches, and 11% increase in YouTube channel subscribers in one month.


Establish partnerships to create authenticity.

Integrate culture influencers into your campaigns. Kenneth Gibbs, VP, Digital Video & Social at BET, shared the success of working with African American pop culture influencers to make them an integral part of the brand’s YouTube original video content series rather than just using them for a simple influencer marketing campaign. These influencers allowed BET to resonate with its target market in a much more authentic way, in addition to amplifying reach.

Don’t forget your ABCDs.

  • Always keep culture at the center of the brief. Sadie Thoma, Director of US Creative Agency Partnerships at Google, shared her four keys for telling stories on YouTube:
  • Attract: Attract attention by being single-minded from the start.
  • Brand: Integrate your brand naturally and meaningfully. Leverage visual cues.
  • Connect: Connect with consumers through emotion, storytelling, and a cultural twist. Keep your story clear and simple to ensure that your message connects.
  • Direct: Be clear about what you want people to think or do. End memorably by reinforcing the one thing that you want the viewer to remember (and act on).

Ultimately, the key to creating great digital content is resonating with culture. By leveraging the cultural signals from your audience, your brand can better foster relevancy and authenticity.

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