June 5, 2018

4 Tips for Creating Effective Instagram Stories Ads

While tapping through Instagram Stories, you’ve probably noticed an increasing number of ads between your friends’ drink clink Boomerangs and cute puppy videos. With 300 million accounts now using the Instagram Stories feature, it’s no surprise that many brands have taken advantage of this immersive, full-screen ad experience since its launch in early 2017. And it’s working—a third of the most viewed stories on Instagram come from businesses.

Instagram Stories Ads prove to garner impressive results. Although users have the power to skip these ads, they often chose to engage. If your brand is looking to run Instagram Stories Ads that grab users’ attention and drive engagement, check out these tips:

1. Catch their eye.

You have half a second to grab a user’s attention before they tap past your ad. So make sure that your design is crisp and visually appealing—bright colors, stark contrasts, and bold text should do the trick! This Chanel Beauty ad does a great job of differentiating itself from the hundreds of other Stories we tap through daily.

2. Put your brand front and center.

Stories Ads last a maximum of 15 seconds, so you’ll want to incorporate the brand name, logo, or product right from the beginning. Without the subtle logo placement in the Chanel ad above, users wouldn’t have immediately associated this cool content with the brand. Another great example is this ad from California Pizza Kitchen. The cheese is eye-catching on its own, but the ad is far stronger with the addition of the logo and product image at the bottom. Try covering the logo and image with your hand—you’ll notice that the ad immediately loses meaning.

3. Drive users to swipe up.

The link feature is crucial for driving action. Ads only lasts 15 seconds, but if the user chooses to swipe up, they can interact with your brand for much longer. Always include a strong call to action at the end of the video or carousel like “Swipe Up to Learn More” or “Swipe Up to Shop Our Collection.” The below ad for a new show on ABC, “Million Little Things,” is a prime example of a CTA done well. If the user knows where the link will take them, they will be much more likely to follow it.

4. Don’t forget about sound.

Because 60 percent of all stories are viewed with the sound on, your ad’s sound is almost as important as its visuals. Whether it’s music or dialogue, sound can add another layer by setting the tone and complementing your visuals. This Pine Sol ad is fun even without sound, but combined with the punchy vocals, it has much more stopping power.

A few fan favorite Instagram Stories features such as Instagram polls and the brand new “emoji slider” are not yet available for ads, but there’s no doubt that Instagram will continue to add new capabilities and features as the popularity of this platform grows. These ads have great potential to connect brands with customers who are eager and willing to learn more about their products.

What are you waiting for? Start telling your brand’s story today.

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