September 10, 2018

5 Creative Ways Big Brands Are Using Twitter

Mikey Dunn

If you’re a big brand, you’re likely on Twitter, and with good reason: It’s a place where brands can have meaningful conversations with consumers and make sure their messages get heard. In fact, 50 percent of Twitter users follow brands, and the platform drives twice the brand favorability of the same ads on TV. But a successful Twitter presence takes more than just a library of pre-written one-liners. Here are a few lessons you can learn from some notable brands.

1. Target

The beloved big box store implements many of the standard best practices for Twitter. The brand retweets its customers going on Target runs, utilizes hashtags (including trending ones), runs polls, posts GIFs, and engages with its customers. Lately, the brand has really run with the #TargetRun campaign (pun intended), encouraging shoppers to tweet about their trips.

2. Apple

The tech giant is known for its unique marketing, and the way it approaches Twitter certainly makes it stand out. Go to Apple’s Twitter profile, and you’ll see a profile pic, a cover photo… and that’s it. You’re greeted with “@Apple hasn’t Tweeted,” yet the account is verified.

Apple does two unique things on Twitter. First, it runs everything dark with promoted tweets. Carefully curated and targeted, videos will appear in users’ timelines during and after product announcements and launches. Second, it runs several branded Twitter accounts for iTunes, Apple Music, the App Store, Apple Education, iBooks, and even its own Support account.

Doing this allows the main @Apple account to be mysterious and exclusive, right in line with the Apple brand. It allows Apple to cut out the noise and any negative conversation, allowing its products and channels to clearly deliver the messaging it wants to convey.

3. Lyft

As Uber’s biggest competitor, Lyft positions itself as socially responsible and tuned into the communities it serves. A recent campaign the brand is running is #TheRideToVote, where Lyft identified lack of transportation as a reason why over 15 million people couldn’t vote. The brand is planning to offer 50% off rides and is using Twitter to get the word out:

4. Starbucks News

Of course, the coffee giant is famous for its social media presence, and Twitter is no exception. But Starbucks also runs an account just for its news updates. Starbucks is not just known for its products but also its commitment to quality, customers, and communities. The brand’s @Starbucksnews tweets allow it to update the world of customers and investors of the latest initiatives and announcements.

5. Forrester

Twitter also serves just as well for B2B companies. Forrester, the market research company, leverages its Twitter account to showcase its solution-centered products and its connection to technology. One content series it does well is showcasing quotes by thought leaders in the tech space, often sharing thoughts on current trends or predictions for technology in business.

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