July 30, 2019

3 Video Techniques Your Brand Should Try

Christina Sirabella

You’ve heard it before: Video is the future of social media. It’s the number one preferred content type of the average consumer, it accounts for more than half of total media consumption, and 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support. However, even in 2019, most companies and brands have yet to take full advantage of all that video marketing has to offer. Check out these three techniques that will bring your videos to the next level!

1. Stereoscopic Video

This technique has traditionally been done with photos for the most part, creating the illusion of three-dimensional depth from two-dimensional images—but we went a little further and tried it out with video. It’s not hard to achieve by just setting up three to five cameras next to each other and cutting sequentially back and forth between the cameras every one to four frames in post-production.

This effect is immediately eye-catching and shows off your subject in a semi-three-dimensional manner. To the average viewer, it seems difficult to achieve, which heightens the production value. And it’s rarely ever done as a video, so you’ll be unique and cutting edge!

2. Human Stop Motion

You’re probably familiar with stop motion videos that feature objects, but featuring people in these videos can be quite compelling as well. Instead of just using art pieces or objects, human movement is captured using a series of photos rather than as a video. This allows you to seamlessly animate objects and hyper-realistic scenes and imagery in relationship to the human, creating an otherworldly effect.

The downside of a video like this is that it’s more time consuming, but the upside is that it allows your brand to achieve incredibly professional mind-bending effects with a really practical approach, which cuts down on production costs since you don’t have to do any compositing or VFX work in post-production.

3. Double Exposure

Double exposure is done all the time with photography, but doing it with video shows a professional quality only achieved through time and planning. What you’re doing is using the contrast of the original video that has been created on a green screen to create a layer that gives three-dimensionality to whatever image you’re double exposing over your original video source.

This double exposure effect is a great way to create a mood for your brand. Say your products are all about being powerful—then show something powerful over your subject and your subject will take on that meaning, like in the example below.

With most of the social platforms favoring video content more than ever before, there’s no better time to start illustrating your brand’s story, product, or personality with videos. Just remember to capture their attention with compelling visuals (ideally in the first three seconds) and don’t be afraid to take creative risks—trust us, it’ll be worth the effort.

Tags: Content Marketing, Creative, Trends

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