July 16, 2019

The Most Underrated Emojis for Brands

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Maybe you’ve scrolled right past them in the emoji keyboard. Maybe you’ve wondered why they even exist. But there’s no question that these lesser-known emojis can help your brand’s post copy stand out on social. In honor of World Emoji Day, here’s a list of the most underrated emojis and how to use them!

The Hourglass

Counting down to a big event? Running ads for a limited-time-only deal? Well we have just the emoji for you—the ⏳ implies a sense of urgency.

Example: Time is running out! ⏳ Make sure to submit your best pumpkin pie recipe by tonight at 8 p.m. EST to be considered for the grand prize.

The Crystal Ball

We saw your future, and this emoji is in it. The 🔮 symbolizes prediction and personalization, which aligns with the growing trend of surveying new customers to customize products.

Example: Looking for a new signature scent? Tell us your favorite cocktails and we’ll pair you with the perfect perfume. 🔮

The Circles

Yes, we’re serious! Though the circle emojis seem pretty standard, they make excellent bullet points that pop more than standard dashes. Plus, there are four lovely colors to choose from: 🔴🔵⚪⚫

Example: We can’t wait to jam out with you in Prospect Park tomorrow afternoon! Remember to throw these items in your bag before leaving for the festival:

🔴 Your ticket!
🔴 Sunscreen
🔴 Empty water bottle
🔴 Picnic blanket

The Pin Drop

You may have seen this one in personal Instagram bios, but 📍 works just as well for brands! Drop the pin in your post copy whenever mentioning a specific location or event.

Example: Calling all New Yorkers! THIS WEEK we’ll be hosting a pop-up in 📍SoHo. Can’t wait to see you there.

The Arrows

These underrated emojis are the most versatile of the bunch. Want to imply transition? Want to emphasize the visual creative? Want to encourage people to swipe? Arrows. ⬇️➡️⬆️⬅️

Example: When it comes to hair coloring, the emphasis has gone from highlights ➡️ ombre. Read more about the latest hair trends here: ⬇️

The Explosion

💥 ARTICLE ENDING SOON 💥 That has a nice impact, right? The siren emoji (🚨) is tried and true, but the explosion is another great option when you’re trying to get your audience’s attention.

Example: 💥 50% OFF ENTIRE ONLINE STORE 💥 You’re not dreaming. Pick up all of your favorites at half the price for a limited time.


There you have it! Share to spread the word and get these emojis the attention they rightfully deserve.

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