May 5, 2020

Our Favorite Moms to Follow on Social

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If there’s one thing that being confined to my house with two small children has taught me, it’s that I’m on social media way too much.

I should be sleeping. I should be doing laundry. I should be making a Pinterest stained glass window out of rainbow paint. I’m not. Instead, I’m endlessly thumbing. I’m hiding in the bathroom (the one place with a locked door), laughing at videos of other moms who are as knee-deep in the struggle as I am. And I’ve found that during this time, it is very, very needed.

Thankfully, my addictive habits have been proven by studies that help show that I, and other moms, are not alone. 36 percent of moms on social media agree that social media is their main connection to the outside world. And on this Mother’s Day, when many of us literally have no connection to the outside world, we’re craving it more than ever.

So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite moms to follow on social (because we’re pretty sure you’re all following Chrissy Teigen already).

1. Cat and Nat

Primary Platform: Facebook

Why We Love Them: This hilarious Canadian mom duo has racked up a massive following just by telling it like it is with their #momtruths. Now, they’ve expanded their reach with a podcast, book, and additional content series to help show moms they aren’t alone. One of our recent favorites? “Let It Go.” Because, let’s be real—we have to right now.

2. Mommy Owl

Primary Platform: Twitter

Why We Love Her: Lauren Lodder, freelance writer and former professor, has a knack for summing up the beauty of parenting in 280 characters or less from her account, Mommy Owl. Case in point: this perfect way to show gratitude during quarantine.

3. Tiffany Jenkins

Primary Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Why We Love Her: Moms aren’t perfect, and Tiffany Jenkins is no exception. She talks openly about her past struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction on her accounts and in her book. And with nearly a quarter of moms experiencing some form of mental illness, Tiffany is perfectly relatable in her account Juggling the Jenkins. Our favorite video? Me vs. Anxiety.

4. Tyra Mitchell

Primary Platform: Instagram

Why We Love Her: Tyra started the Art Mom Project, a beautiful way to showcase the complexity and beauty of motherhood. She’s worked tirelessly to make sure mothers have a voice, and it shows in thoughtful and visually compelling posts. Some of our recent favorites are this quote about making it through a storm and this very honest take on working from home.

5. Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker (a.k.a. What’s Up Moms)

Primary Platform: YouTube

Why We Love Them: Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker started What’s Up Moms after searching “How to Fly With a Baby” and finding no video-based content that spoke to moms the way they wanted to be spoken to. They now have a YouTube channel with close to three million subscribers, and they create great DIY hack videos as well as hilarious clips that most of us can relate to, like this recent one on the beauty of becoming our children’s new teacher.


So, while you all ponder what to get the mom in your life for Mother’s Day, remember: All we really want is an hour alone to scroll for a while.

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