May 4, 2022

2 Minutes with Honey Cantrell On The Future Of Social

Likeable Team

Very few people understand the ever-shifting world of social media marketing like Honey Cantrell. After an eight-year run leading Likeable’s Client Services team, she’s taking the reins as our new Executive Vice President of Agency Operations — and to celebrate her new role, we caught up with Honey to chat about her time at Likeable, the future of social media marketing, and the myriad ways that digital content can foster connection, creation, and community.


How did you come to Likeable, and what have you been doing over the past several years?

I actually came to Likeable from sort of a unique trajectory. I started my career in television marketing which as a new graduate, was a dream come true. I grew up in a smaller town in the South and got most of my ideas about the world from media, so walking in to 30 Rock everyday was exactly what I imagined success and city life looked like. The reality turned out to be a little bit different and although I didn’t hate where I was, I realized pretty quickly that I needed to explore more to find the place that was right for me. After trying a few other things over the years, I ultimately discovered that I was most drawn to digital media – and specifically social. I felt strongly that this was the direction the world was heading and it was also what I found myself most drawn to personally.

With that in the back of my mind, the opportunity to join Likeable presented itself in 2014 and I instantly felt like I was home. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to serve on the client service side of our business — making sure our partners have the best possible experience with us and our work. I love being able to play in such a wide array of industries and the variety of challenges we get to help solve for on any given day.

We’re so excited about your new role! Can you tell us a little more about it?

Thank you! Of course. It will be an expansion of responsibilities to include oversight of not only current and future clients, but also our product. This side of our agency includes all of our amazing subject matter experts and makers – the folks who lead areas like creative, strategy, and paid.

I’m really excited to be bringing these two groups to one table together in a way that we haven’t in a while and to see how that level of collaboration impacts the work. I really and truly believe we have some of the best of the best at our agency, and that they are even more unstoppable as a team.

You mentioned that you were always drawn to digital work. What attracted you to this medium?

That’s a really good question. The first thing I’ll say is that the timeframe I’m talking about was a really early one for social. It was Friendster and MySpace. A lot has obviously changed, but there are a couple fundamental things that I think are still at the center of it all for me and one of the big ones is connection.

We’ve probably seen it play out in the pandemic more than ever before, but there’s something really special about being able to connect to the people in your life no matter where you are. It could be something as simple as sharing a dinner recommendation or a meme that reminds you of the person – but it keeps that flame alive. I know I have friendships that I’ve maintained since college. My own mother has recently reconnected to old colleagues post retirement- and neither of those things would’ve been likely to happen in the absence of social.

What are some social trends on your radar right now? Is there anything that brands should keep an eye on?

Social commerce is one that I see becoming increasingly important, and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Almost all of the major platforms are experimenting with functionality that allows frictionless purchases in-app, and we’re already testing some of those for our clients.

Looking much further ahead, I’m always fascinated with VR/AR news because I do see those technologies shaping the digital communities of our future. I think we have to wait and see if that looks like the “metaverse” or something else, but it’s worth watching.

Finally, in your own words, why is the work we do at Likeable so important?

I’m obviously talking a lot about all the good I see inherently in social, but I’m also not oblivious to the dark side of it or the double-edged sword that exists. I think we have an opportunity in our work to be the ones putting good things out there and hopefully to help tip the scales in some small way. Whether it’s providing resources and education, or just an outlet for escape – it’s all underpinned by the notion of putting that Likeable moment into the world for someone.

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