September 13, 2022

Top Tips for Healthcare Brands on Social

Killian Abuan

Social media has long been a tool for education within the healthcare space. In fact, nearly one in 10 Americans turn to social media for health information. In recent years, the importance of credible healthcare sources has increased as misinformation spreads and the rise of disinformation continues.

If your organization is interested in entering the social space or improving credibility and your overall social presence, give these tips a try.

1. Educate and add value

Providers and healthcare brands are no strangers to adding value to people’s lives. The same high-quality care given throughout the patient journey can easily be transferred into their digital health experiences. Distributing factual information regarding overall healthcare awareness, emerging research and more is crucial in building credibility and taking that high level of care even further.

What does a piece of educational content look like in healthcare? It’s digestible, factual and easy to share.

As video continues to dominate on social media, leaning on in-house experts (like doctors and nurses) to act as brand ambassadors is a viable way to create a steady stream of short-form video content backed by real healthcare professionals. Setting up a brand ambassador program is no easy feat, but when established, it’s a strong strategy for amplifying employees’ voices and educating viewers from a human point of view.

If video or brand ambassadors are out of reach, consider using carousel formats. As reported by Socialinsider, carousels have the highest engagement rate at .9% on Instagram, aside from Reels at 1.95%. Carousels have multiple pieces of content in one post and can be used to highlight key information in a swipeable way.


2. Share impactful stories, testimonials and reviews

The backbone of healthcare practices is the people they serve and those who serve them. What better way to share more about a patient experience than from testimonials, reviews and stories from the patients and doctors themselves?

In a recent report by Press Ganey, it was found that patients will consider around 5 ½ online reviews during their provider selection process, thus placing a high level of importance on amplifying unique experiences. If video testimonials are unobtainable, text quotes from patients/doctors and positive review snapshots are the next best format.

Sharing real patient journeys is a chance for healthcare brands to exhibit their true impact and help position themselves as reliable providers.


3. Keep a pulse on the industry

The healthcare space is constantly evolving, with groundbreaking studies, emerging research and overall health news shared more frequently than not. Keeping a pulse on relevant conversations as well as interacting with them is a strategic way to exhibit leadership and expertise within the space.

How can a healthcare brand take part in these conversations?

Follow credible healthcare accounts:

Stay up-to-date with what parallel brands in the space are saying, doing and interacting with on social media.

Tap into social listening:

Social listening is a way to monitor mentions and/or conversations related to the keywords of your choosing. These keywords can be your organization name, competitors, hot topics in the industry and more. Healthcare brands can then discover opportunities or insights from these findings that will ultimately drive social action.

Build a community management team:

Community management can be separated into two categories: proactive and reactive. Proactive community management involves proactively engaging on social media with leaders in the healthcare space, community members, publications, etc. An example of this is liking a relevant tweet or appropriately commenting on posts. Reactive community management involves solely replying to those who initially interact with your brand to ultimately foster community and build trust.

From education to showcasing patient experiences, healthcare brands are in a unique position to make a profound impact on their online communities. While being a true source of credible health information is extremely important, it can also be tricky given the subject matter. Remember to always triple check content with your compliance team and stay up-to-date with HIPAA to avoid violations.

Interested in how to get your healthcare brand to thrive on social? Let us know so we can help!

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