Social media
is crucial
during times
of crisis.

At Likeable, we’re here to help you pivot.

Here are some resources and how-tos for navigating this new, ever-changing landscape.

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And here are a few quick tips to keep you ahead of the game.


Don’t stop posting. Just make sure what you’re posting is appropriate, relevant, and helpful.


Focus on your community, because people feel more disconnected now than ever.


Try new marketing tactics or platforms that you haven’t tried before. (TikTok, perhaps?)


Be creative with your resources. Lean into graphic design or animation, or even set up an at-home studio.

So many things around us have been put on pause—but social is 24/7. Now is the time to move toward building your future, and we can help you find the best course of action. We're offering...

Competitor and
Industry Audits

Things are changing and shifting by the second. Stay up to date on what fellow brands are doing and ensure that you maintain your competitive edge.

Enhanced Community Management

Customers are more active than ever on brands’ social channels—and especially in times of crisis, it’s crucial to listen and respond with empathy to every single one.


How can your brand fit into this new normal? Understand the role your company plays in people’s lives and how that can translate on social media.

Animation and Motion Graphic Packages

From typography to infographics to character animation, we can use all styles of motion graphics to bring your message to life, including 3D.

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