Entenmann’s Pop’ems® Prediction LIVE


The Entenmann’s social audience is a dedicated community that consistently engages with content—particularly gamified content. We wanted to reward and encourage their enthusiastic brand loyalty by developing an innovative opportunity to interact with Entenmann’s via Facebook Live.


By drawing inspiration from the success of previous “on-the-wall” games and giveaways, and knowing that utilizing innovative new capabilities was a priority for the brand, we took our content to the next level by live streaming a spinning jar of donut holes on Facebook for three hours. By creating a sense of urgency and offering a low barrier to entry, fans commented like crazy, guessing (via comments) the number of Pop’ems® in the spinning jar. Viewers were able to pick up or drop off the video at any time, and many tuned back in at the end to witness the suspense of the donut holes being counted in real time.


• 298% more engagements than benchmark

• 1,500% more comments than benchmark


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