99designs by Vistaprint Clubhouse Influencer Program


Vistaprint was looking to promote their recent acquisition of global creative platform 99designs. To help drive new users to the 99designs website, they wanted to connect with small business owners and entrepreneurs with influence.


We knew that users on the emerging social audio platform Clubhouse were incredibly engaged and loyal, some even spending as many as 8 hours at a time on the app. So, in addition to a standard influencer program on TikTok and Instagram, we tapped into the folks who were leading Clubhouse’s tight-knit communities to see whether or not an audio-only platform could drive link clicks and tangible results. We also partnered with the rapidly growing Baby Shark Tank show, a branded programming series, which allowed aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to investors in 75 seconds.



Being at the forefront of an emerging social network with the Clubhouse influencer campaign was a huge success by all measures.

64,000+ total listeners
Average listening time of up to 28 minutes
Link clicks from Clubhouse outperformed TikTok and Instagram combined by 175%

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